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Episode 67 - El Retorno de los Reyes Starred episode 13th November 2019 Chris and Andrew talk touring and ticketing, throw a spotlight on more songs from Cause and Effect, and speak to a special guest about Keane's Latin American tour. Download
Episode 66 - The Click of the Front Door Starred episode 4th November 2019 Chris and Andrew are back together to talk through how Keane rose like a Phoenix from the flames to deliver an improbable fifth album, Cause and Effect. Download
Episode 65 - Four Number One Albums And A Chart-Topping EP Starred episode 14th May 2012 Recorded exactly a week after Strangeland hit the shops, Chris and Andrew deliver their comprehensive verdict on Keane's make-or-break comeback record. Download
Episode 64 - Strangeland (We Need To Talk About Bexhill) Starred episode 1st May 2012 With just days to go before Strangeland hits the shelves, Chris and Andrew talk about the wealth of previews out there and look back on a memorable weekend in Bexhill-on-Sea. Download
Episode 63 - The Power of Four, Part Two 7th March 2012 With Strangeland announced and the band's live return imminent, Chris and Andrew talk tracklistings and artwork, and try to predict where - and what - the band will be playing in the months to come. Download
Episode 62 - The Power of Four, Part One 20th January 2012 With recording now complete on Keane's fourth full-length album, Chris and Andrew discuss some of the background to the record, from their recent influences to potential producers. Download
Episode 61 - Coming Up for AIR 28th August 2011 After months of exile, Chris and Andrew are back for a brief update on Keane's fourth full-length album and a round-up of the news you might have missed. Download
Episode 60 - Takeover 1st March 2011 For their diamond jubilee, Chris and Andrew hand the podcast over to Lindsay Warren, who turns the tables and puts them in the spotlight by asking them questions from the podcast's listeners. Download
Episode 59 - Looking Back 3rd February 2011 Chris and Andrew return from hiatus to officially welcome Jesse Quin to Keane. Plus they'll be talking about the band's Autumnal activities and discussing when we can expect the fourth Keane album to surface. Download
Episode 58 - If You're Feeling Desolate Starred episode 22th October 2010 In the week that Mt Desolation's self-titled debut hit the shops, Chris and Andrew offer their own track-by-track commentary on the record. Plus news on Keane's fourth album. Download
Episode 57 - Reconnected 12th August 2010 After a short break, Chris and Andrew return to dissect the band's newest track Disconnected, look ahead to Album 4 and look at the view from the top of Mt Desolation. Download
Episode 56 - Green and Pleasant Land 22nd June 2010 As Keane's summer tour of forests and clubs draws to a close, Chris and Andrew look back on what made the tour so distinctive to the band's previous excursions, and look ahead to what we can expect from their special guest slot at Glastonbury. Download
Episode 55 - Back to the Front 23rd May 2010 With the Night Train EP out now in all good music stores everywhere, Chris and Andrew look back at the launch of the record, from the band's live show at the Fridge to the promotional tour and the reaction from the band's fans to the release. Download
Episode 54 - Night Train Special III - Richard's Commentary Starred episode 3rd May 2010 Richard talks Andrew and Chris through the Night Train EP, from the highs to the lows to the tracks he didn't even play on...! Download
Episode 53 - Night Train Special II - Our Guide to the EP 21st April 2010 In the second of their Night Train specials, Chris and Andrew introduce their comprehensive guide to Keane's forthcoming EP Night Train, including track-by-track reviews and a look at how it fits in with the rest of the band's discography. Download
Episode 52 - Playing Catch-Up 16th April 2010 Chris and Andrew break off from their series of Night Train specials to recap some of the big stories of the past two weeks, from Richard being caught in a political whirlwind to the announcement of a very expensive club tour. Download
Episode 51 - Night Train Special I - Richard Hughes In Conversation Starred episode 26th March 2010 In the first of a series of special podasts to celebrate the release of the Night Train EP, Chris and Andrew speak to Richard about politics, travelling, drumming and farming. Download
Episode 50 - Stop For (18) Minute(s) 6th February 2010 In their landmark 50th episode, Chris and Andrew talk about the shock of the new and the definition of an EP. Plus the start of their hip-hop sampler and much more. Download
Episode 49 - 2010 Preview 15th January 2010 In the first podcast of 2010, Chris and Andrew look ahead to what the band will be up to this year, from their own shows to side projects and more. Plus, a guide to the support bands joining the forest tour. P.S. We apologise for the poor sound quality! Download
Episode 48 - Christmas Special 2009 Starred episode 21st December 2009 The festive season is here, and Chris and Andrew have invited Keane to join them to review Keane's year and look ahead to what might be in store for them in 2010. Download
Episode 47 - Night Train 29th November 2009 Just hours after news of Keane's new release 'Night Train', Chris and Andrew look at some of the tracks to feature on it and look ahead to their summer shows in the English forests. Download
Episode 46 - Beyond the Autumn Rain 28th November 2009 With Christmas approaching, Chris and Andrew look at how many people might be expecting to receive a Hopes and Fears re-release in their stocking. There's also talk of when the band might be back playing live, and the pair will be answering another batch of your questions. Download
Episode 45 - Come Back To What You Know 24th September 2009 Chris and Andrew take a look at the forthcoming re-release of Hopes & Fears, plus a brand new song from the band and a look ahead to some possible autumn shows. Download
Episode 44 - Live from the V Festival Starred episode 24th August 2009 Recorded live in the baking hot Essex sunshine, Chris and Andrew describe their festival experience, from their backstage interview to the secret acoustic session and, of course, the mind-blowing headline set to top it all off. Download
Episode 43 - 140 Degrees East 9th August 2009 On the eve of their big announcement on, Chris and Andrew have a brief chat about Keane's dates in the Far East and the band's forthcoming EP. Plus an award-winning tweet! Download
Episode 42 - Land Of The Free 14th July 2009 By popular demand, Chris and Andrew tear up their notes and have a meander through the world of Keane. They'll also finally be chatting about the US tour and answering some questions from their dedicated fans. Download
Episode 41 - Two in the Bush 4th June 2009 After three months away, Chris and Andrew return with a round-up of Keane's spring collection, plus their thoughts on the band's triumphant show for Island Records in West London. Download
Episodio Uno - Especial! Edición Español 24 de Marzo 2009 Andrew, anfitrión de la edición de Inglés "Beyond the Iron Sea", y Monica presentado un episodio español de la feria. Con un examen de la gira latinoamericana, y algunos especiales "True Facts". Download
Episode 40 - South of the Equator 22nd March 2009 Chris and Andrew are joined by a special guest to look back at the band's tour of South America, plus more from fans about reality TV pop stars and the long-awaited return of the True Facts. Download
Episode 39 - Dangerously Phat Starred episode 5th March 2009 Chris and Andrew have the first play of the new remix of Better Than This, plus they run through the latest news and discuss whether the band risk being accused of hypocrisy over manufactured music. Download
Episode 38 - Live from The O2 Starred episode 17th February 2009 Andrew and Chris are down by the river in East London with all the news from the last night of Keane's biggest ever UK tour.

The track we played was Katzenjammer - A Bar in Amsterdam (from the album Le Pop)

Episode 37 - Glasnost Starred episode 4th February 2009 Chris and Andrew go off-piste, tearing up their script and going unplanned. Plus there's one of the most bizarre Keane covers ever recorded.

For Jesse Quin's blog, visit
For an MP3 of 'Besser Als Diese', head over to the Multimedia section

Episode 36 - Old Favourites 27th January 2009 As the UK tour starts across the Irish Sea, Chris and Andrew discuss the ways that the band have made it their best yet and talk about the return to the set of two lost classics. Plus news on the next single and more thoughts from Jesse Quin. Download
Episode 35 - Start Your Engines 22nd January 2009 On the eve of the UK and Ireland legs of the Perfect Symmetry tour, Chris and Andrew have trivia, ticket news, the view from the barrier and more from the ever-insightful Jesse Quin blog. Download
Episode 34 - Perfect Sympathy 15th January 2009 Chris and Andrew shake through the wreckage of the sales figures for Keane's latest single, but reveal one of the reasons why the summer of 2009 should be one to remember for the band.

The tracks we played were: Frankmusik - Three Little Words; MIA - Paper Planes (from the album Kala); Ting Tings - That's Not My Name (from the album We Started Nothing)

Episode 33 - Merry Andrew-and-Chris-tmas! Starred episode 25th December 2008 Season's greetings! Chris and Andrew bring you their review of 2008 and the final part of their evening with Tim. Download
Episode 32 - Slight Return Starred episode 18th December 2008 With Andrew failing a fitness test, Chris is left on his own to introduce some more gold from Tim Rice-Oxley's visit to the Squat. Download
Episode 31 - The Visitor Starred episode 11th December 2008 In this specially-extended edition, Tim Rice-Oxley drops into the Squat to chat to Andrew and Chris about Keane's dates in Los Angeles, pornography, cookery tips and Outer Mongolia.

The track we played was Susanne Sundfør - Walls (from For episode pictures, check out our multimedia section.

Episode 30 - Heresy and Hearsay 4th December 2008 La scandale grande! Chris and Andrew reflect on Keane's appearance on French reality TV before discussing what might maybe possibly kind of sort of hopefully happen in 2009.

The tracks we played were Elbow - Grounds For Divorce (from the album The Seldom Seen Kid) and Bjork - Declare Independence (from the album Volta)

Episode 29 - Mailbox Special 20th November 2008 This week is a bumper mailbox special with Andrew and Chris answering emails from fans, getting all introspective, and reviewing Keane's astonishing Union Chapel show.

The tracks we played were David Ford - How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love My Credit Card (from the album Pages Torn From The Electrical Sketchbook Vol #1) and Shady Bard - Torch Song (from the album From The Ground Up)

Episode 28 - El Informe Europea 13th November 2008 Chris and Andrew look back at the European tour and offer some constructive criticism on the Perfect Symmetry live show. There's also a look ahead to the Little Noise Session and the latest news on what the band are up to. Download
Episode 27 - What Goes On Tour... 29th October 2008 With Andrew heading off to the Pacific, Chris sends him off with an argument about single releases. Meanwhile, a Dutch correspondent wreaks havoc in Rotterdam, and the pair have a gig challenge. Download
Episode 26 - Wild Speculation 25th October 2008 Back in the warmth of the Squat, Chris and Andrew review the Electric Proms, look ahead to Summer 2009 and resurrect an old favourite. Download
Episode 25 - The 100 Club Starred episode 15th October 2008 Recorded live at Keane's tiny 100 Club gig, Chris and Andrew crack out the stylophone, quiz the crowd on perspiration solutions, and finally catch up with Mr Jesse Quin Esq. Download
Episode 24 - The Re-Up Double Episode Starred episode 13th October 2008 After an unscheduled break, Chris and Andrew return, bigger and bolder than ever, with news galore, a live outside broadcast and their full review of Perfect Symmetry. Download
Episode 23 - Live From the Forum Starred episode 30th September 2008 A special episode, recorded live at the Kentish Town Forum, where Keane made their live comeback on 29th September. Download
Episode 22 - An Evening with... Starred episode 28th September 2008 Chris and Andrew look back on their big night in London and round up the first reviews of Perfect Symmetry. Download
Episode 21 - Beating the Leaks 23rd September 2008 On the eve of their album premiere event, Chris and Andrew look at two new tracks released to the internet and try not to get too excited. Download
Episode 20 - Busy Schedule 16th September 2008 Despite being almost inaudible, Andrew joins Chris to look at the band's schedule in the forthcoming weeks, before answering more questions from the mailbag. Download
Episode 19 - Average Man 8th September 2008 The average Keane fan joins Chris and Andrew in the Squat, plus the guys talk statues, European touring and Waterloo Sunset. Download
Episode 18 - The Comeback 2nd September 2008 Chris and Andrew report on a wealth of new material from Keane, news of their live return at the Royal Opera House and more. Download
Episode 17 - Box Office 23rd August 2008 Chris and Andrew reveal the ticket details for their Evening with Beyond the Iron Sea, plus there's more from the mailbox and a raft of Keane news and rumours. Download
Episode 16 - The Invitation 19th August 2008 Chris and Andrew pass on news from their LA spy on Keane's progress, plus they have an invitation to extend. Download
Episode 15 - Going Live 12th August 2008 As the band's live plans begin to be revealed, Chris and Andrew discuss Keane's brave new live dynamic. Download
Episode 14 - Spiralling Starred episode 4th August 2008 On the day Keane unleashed the first material from their third album on an unsuspecting world, Chris and Andrew bring you an exhausting round-up of reviews. Download
Episode 13 - Newsjiffy Starred episode 31st July 2008 Chris and Andrew discover that Fact x Importance = News (and spill the beans on the album release). Download
Episode 12 - The Laptop Breaks Down Starred episode 22nd July 2008 Chris and Andrew pick apart exactly what Keane use that Macbook Pro for.

The tracks we played were Kevin Devine - No Time Flat (from the album Split the Country, Split the Street) and MGMT - Time To Pretend (from the album Oracular Spectacular)

Episode 11 - Mart-vellous 15th July 2008 A special guest joins the boys for a round-up of recent emails.

Visit our good friend Mart's site, and sign up to his mailing list to get the latest tech news.

Episode 10 - The Hopes and Fears Duologue 10th July 2008 No gimmicks, no sound clips - just your two favourite podcasters tossing around their thoughts on the new Keane album. Download
Episode 9 - Hot and Cool 24th June 2008 This week, there is yet more waffle about release dates and the guys have their calendars out to look at what's going to happen next. Download
Episode 8.5 - Clip Show 17th June 2008 A selection of outtakes and true facts from the podcast so far. Download
Episode 8 - World Exclusive 10th June 2008 It's the longest short show ever, as Chris and Andrew break out some secret Keane news. Download
Episode 7 - Deconstructing Keane 3rd June 2008 Chris and Andrew are back after a week off to take the Keane sound apart and answer some more listener questions. Download
Episode 6 - This Fall 20th May 2008 This week, Chris and Andrew answer more fan questions but succumb to the sin of self-reference. Download
Episode 5 - Mix and Master Starred episode 13th May 2008 Chris and Andrew are joined by a very special guest to talk about album mixing. Download
Episode 4 - Influential Starred episode 6th May 2008 This week, Chris and Andrew present a comprehensive guide to the band's third album influences. Download
Episode 3 - Cryptic Update 30th April 2008 This week, Chris and Andrew report on some dissent against the band's current activities. Download
Episode 2 - Stripped 22nd April 2008 Chris and Andrew give their take on the band's possible fourth member, Jesse Quin. Download
Episode 1 - Pilot 15th April 2008 Chris and Andrew go Beyond The Iron Sea with news on the latest from Keane in the studio and on the road, including the latest updates on the band's multimedia blog. Download

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