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Beyond The Iron Sea is an almost weekly podcast about all things Keane (filled with exclusive news, in-depth discussion and analysis, speculation, and childish humour), hosted by Chris and Andrew. Visit our download page to download the episodes, or subscribe on iTunes.

Recent episodes

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Episode 67 - El Retorno de los Reyes 13th November 2019 Chris and Andrew talk touring and ticketing, throw a spotlight on more songs from Cause and Effect, and speak to a special guest about Keane's Latin American tour.
Episode 66 - The Click of the Front Door 4th November 2019 Chris and Andrew are back together to talk through how Keane rose like a Phoenix from the flames to deliver an improbable fifth album, Cause and Effect.
Episode 65 - Four Number One Albums And A Chart-Topping EP 14th May 2012 Recorded exactly a week after Strangeland hit the shops, Chris and Andrew deliver their comprehensive verdict on Keane's make-or-break comeback record.
Episode 64 - Strangeland (We Need To Talk About Bexhill) 1st May 2012 With just days to go before Strangeland hits the shelves, Chris and Andrew talk about the wealth of previews out there and look back on a memorable weekend in Bexhill-on-Sea.
Episode 63 - The Power of Four, Part Two 7th March 2012 With Strangeland announced and the band's live return imminent, Chris and Andrew talk tracklistings and artwork, and try to predict where - and what - the band will be playing in the months to come.
Episode 62 - The Power of Four, Part One 20th January 2012 With recording now complete on Keane's fourth full-length album, Chris and Andrew discuss some of the background to the record, from their recent influences to potential producers.
Episode 61 - Coming Up for AIR 28th August 2011 After months of exile, Chris and Andrew are back for a brief update on Keane's fourth full-length album and a round-up of the news you might have missed.
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